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One of the greatest benefits of is the access to free content for your CAT and GMAT preparation. While we try hard to get every possible source to make your Business School journey smoother either by writing articles, offering quizzes or replying in the forums, we are still not tired of doing all that further. This time we have come up with our free 56 page ebook, which will take you a step closer to accomplishing your Business school dreams.

In this you will get

  • Basic and hard facts about GMAT
  • GMAT prep tips and strategies
  • Basic approach to Sentence Correction
  • 163 Idioms List
  • Types of Questions in sentence correction with elaborated examples
  • Approach to handle Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning Questions
  • Practice Questions
  • List of useful prep resources

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Learn How To Subscribe In Google Reader In Two Easy Steps (It’s Free!)

Things move fast on the web and it is difficult to keep yourself updated with the stuff. This is where your feeds come into play. Whenever a new stuff is uploaded on your favourite blog, feeds bring all the updated stuff to you. This not only saves your time from visiting individual blogs every time but also keeps you updated. According to feed burner , only 6% of internet users take advantage of this extraordinarily useful technology called RSS/feeds/subscriptions. I have been using RSS for past one year but among my friend circle I have not found a single person who knew about it. After sharing this useful tool with my friends; it is time that I share it with my students as well. If you are someone who reads blogs and don’t like wasting time, this one is for you.

What is RSS?
RSS means Really Simple Syndication. It is a tool that helps you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. It saves your time because you needn’t visit every site individually to keep yourself updated. Most important, it is free. The best part that I find about the reader is that you don’t have to provide any email information and your inbox doesn’t get hoarded with emails. I personally do not take email subscriptions until and unless I am subscribing to an important blog and I want to keep the emails with me for months to come.

I was roughly checking the email addresses of TGites yesterday and I noticed that maximum users have a Gmail address. So I decided to introduce the use of Google Reader in two easy steps. It is easy, I myself use it.

Requirements for Google Reader:
1. A Gmail Account

Let’s Start (all images can be clicked and enlarged):

Step 1 :When you log into your Gmail account, this is how it looks.. When you click on more icon, you would find a link of ‘Reader’. Click it.

It will take you here:

Step 2 :Click on Add subscription tab , add the url of your favourite blog, and you are done. Hurray! Now you can subscribe to many such blogs and keep yourself updated.

How do Subscriptions look like?

When you click on the orange button or RSS links, this is what you will see.


Just click on the Google icon in the feed and you would have a feed in your reader. This is how your feed in Google Reader would look:

Click on the heading of the post and you’d be able to read the posts from the subscribed blogs at one place.

‘All Items’ show the ‘unread feeds’.
You can share your posts with your friends via “shared items”.

Unsubscribing is easy. If you want to unsubscribe form a particular blog, click on the feed settings on the top right hand corner of the reader and click “Unsubscribe” .

This is done. I am sure now you would want to subscribe to TotalGadha GMAT and to your favourite blogs. Do that today! 😉 You can subscribe for regular updates and we will make sure that you don’t get any spams from us.You can unsubscribe anytime you want to.

You can also view this short video on the usage of Google Reader in plain English.

In order to spread awareness, you can copy this post on your blog and link me back.

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